I am a former junior and student international rugby league player, who played domestically at the highest level full time, before deciding to head into further education. As a Civil Engineering student at the University of Manchester I gained entry into the esteemed University XXI Hall of fame group for sporting and academic excellence, and gained academic sponsorship from one of the world’s largest engineering companies. On entering the corporate world I soon decided that a career of entrepreneurialism was the preferred route, and the one that best suited my attitudes, personality and dreams. Following training from the Tigrent Company in 2009 and with none of my own money at the start, I then began a series of property investment and related ventures, forming alliances to aid in this way. I also now have strong business experiences, having built property related businesses on the back of my training.

In the first instance I was acting as a portfolio builder for investors, that were looking to build a strong portfolio of buy to let properties as an additional source of income. This allowed me to have built up a very successful property management agency called Immedi-Let Ltd. According to Rightmove account management, ImmediLet is the fastest growing, from scratch, rental agency that they have come across. We have reached 500 managed tenancies within 4 years of business, with the average high street agency having 100 managed properties after 5-7 years in business. We continue to have a strong pipeline in place for business coming, as we work predominantly with professional investors who are buying multiple properties on a year by year basis. We have a huge expansion plan in the forthcoming years and have highlighted multiple opportunities to bring into the business that I believe will continue to be massively profitable.

The portfolio building that we were now offer includes the developments of large HMO properties (6-30 bedrooms) , small developments of flats (6-10 flats) and larger devlopments of apartment blocks and student developments in excess of 100 units. This offers the investor a complete hands off service with ourselves managing all aspects of sourcing the deal, managing the build and the exit, and ongoing managements of the units on completion. We source and manage properties for investors all over the world, with investors from South Africa, Singapore, China, India, Russia, Germany, Sweden and many others amongst our clientele.

This was all started in summer 2010 from a bedroom and a laptop.

This has also allowed me to begin my own investment journey, through the purchase of a number of buy to let investment properties (see attached schedule), as well as some joint venture trading of properties through the buy, refurbishment and sale strategy.

I am also the shareholder of different property companies such as Muniment Ltd, DPI Properties Ltd, Priestley Homes and IP Properties, property holding companies for some of our larger HMO and commercial opportunities ranging from small 1 bedroom apartments to an 18 bedroom HMO property.

I have also now been fortunate enough to have my successes recognised via the Tigrent Rich Dad Education company, who have asked me to become a mentor for the organisation. There are only 22 mentors, including myself, across the United Kingdom. Our role is to work on a one to one basis with investors who have invested into their property education to ensure that they reach their financial goals through the medium of property. We are having great success with this, and although we are financially rewarded, the emotional reward of helping people in the same way that I was helped at the outset is fantastic for me. The Tigrent organisation are the largest provider in the UK of property education with 90% of the market, with a total of 12,000 advanced students in the 10 years that they have been in the UK. I have also been fortunate enough to present on property investment all over the world through the Tigrent organisation.

I am all about people, and attribute my success as an individual to the success I have in relationship forming. I am good in detail, and crunching the numbers (Engineering background), and love creative thinking to get the best deals done.

Although still young and very ambitious I predict and expect big things for myself as an individual and the companies that we are developing. We have always set big goals and we expect to continue hitting and surpassing them in all areas of our business. ImmediLet and ImmediLet Invest are at the forefront of our property exploits, and we are excited by the current market opportunities for our clients and ourselves.