Bridging and longer term refinancing for overseas investors.

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Further to our meeting with the lender regarding an overseas product for non uk investors, we have pleasure in attaching product details for both bridging finance and BTL lending.


This lending will be available to non uk investors with a uk ltd company from the start. They will also offer development finance if required. The lending is available in England, Scotland and Wales and they will lend on HMO’s based on a bricks and mortar valuation.


The fees and LTV are explained below:

Longer term lending:


up to 50% LTV @ 7.15% interest rate

up to 65% LTV @ 7.9% interest rate




up to 50% LTV @ 1% per month


up to 65% LTV @ 1.15% per month


2.5% set up/acceptance fee on both products, and there is a 1 month interest exit fee on the bridging finance only. There are early repayment charges for the first 5 years on the term lending  (4% in years one and two , 3% in year three, 2% in year 4, 1% in year 5).


For UK national investors residing in the UK, we have access to a standard suite of products from this lender.


If you require financing for a project or are looking to refinance an existing property, please feel free to email me for an application form: [email protected]


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