Several years in different sectors of the property industry, completion of several hundred deals since our inception, and working with hundreds of global property investors and entrepreneurs has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and experience. As a result, below we have provided answers to some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions regarding property investment and working with ImmediLet Invest.

If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to Contact Us.

How does it work?

You need to register with our site here.

Once registered and we have clarity on your strategy and goals, you will then start to receive alerts every time we at ImmediLet Invest upload a new property to our site. You will then need to qualify the property to confirm it suits your needs. If the property does suit your needs and you would like to proceed please make contact to pay your reservation deposit immediately.

On paying the reservation fee you then have first refusal on the property subject to providing an acceptable proof of funds and means of purchase. This reservation fee will be deducted from your end costs, with remainder due on completion. The reservation fee will be 25% of the total Sourcing Fee. ImmediLet Invest reserves the right to refund your reservation fee and pass to another buyer should the purchase not be processing as required. The reservation fee is refundable should the purchase fail through no fault of the proposed buyer.

What fees can I expect to pay?

The fees will vary depending on the strength of the deal. The average fee ranges between £2500 and £5000 inc VAT for the sourcing of the property, however the fee varies depending on equity/profit margins and/or potential cash flow.

If you wish ImmediLet Invest to handle the refurbishment on your behalf in the management of one of our trusted build teams, this will generally cost 10-15% of the total refurbishment costs.

Sourcing fees are paid with 25% on reservation and remainder on completion of the purchase.

Management fees for the build are payable on completion of the build and sign off.

Do you have recommended builders and trades suppliers?

Yes, ImmediLet Invest have qualified and worked with our 3 main build teams extensively. They have conducted works from a range in costs of £5000 to £5,000,000 developments amongst all of the strategies that we offer. They have all the required qualifications and insurances to carry out the works according to our needs, as well as experience of working with building regulations officers, planning officers and architects. ImmediLet Invest work closely with these builders on a daily basis.

Do you have recommended Power Team members?

We are primarily investors ourselves as well as sourcing agents, and as such we have links to highly recommended conveyancing solicitors, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, building regs surveyors, architects and accountants. If you do require any referrals contact us with your request.

Can you assist with the letting and management of our properties?

ImmediLet Invest is part of the original ImmediLet Ltd group – which is our very own letting agency. Please see link to our management services here. Generally we will only source properties that we are confident in the letting on the back end, and will be happy to offer our services in doing so.

Are there any ongoing or registration fees?

No, it is completely free to register with our site and also to be a member that receives the opportunities on an ongoing basis. ImmediLet Invest reserves the right to remove a clients registration to the site should there be any concerns with client activity or abuse of membership without notice or prejudice.

What areas do you cover?

ImmediLet Invest offer property investments nationally through our associated network. We are, however, very North West dominant in our purchasing activity due to the fact that we are based in and around this area. Being based in Warrington we generally work within a 30 mile Radius of Warrington which covers amongst others areas such as Warrington, Widnes, Runcorn, Wigan, St Helens, Leigh, Manchester, Salford, Liverpool and Chester.

We also have a base with our partner company Priestley Group that covers West Yorkshire areas like Leeds and Bradford.